How can I support the project?
  • provide information in electronic form on the artscience, media art, or technological art event in Russia which you organized
  • provide information on your artistic project or publication
  • join the project as a volunteer
I want to volunteer, what will my job consist of?
  • inputting data from the materials we collected
  • searching for information and fill in data gaps
  • transcribe interviews with artists, curators, and other participants of the events in the database
How do I benefit from working on the Database?
  • Researchers and students: you get the access to data on file and primary material which you can use in your academic work
  • Curators and artscience practitioners: you contribute to their preservation and also publish advance announcements about future events
  • Everyone interested: you make a contribution to the development of an open information resource aimed at popularizing the technological art and interdisciplinary experiments in Russia
If you have noticed errors or inaccuracies in data, please, do not hesitate to inform us. We will check their veracity.

Should you have any questions, contact us via email:
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