The "MIR” project is implemented at the European University at St. Petersburg with the support of the Techno-Art Center and the Presidential Grants Foundation.


The history of technological art in Russia has not been written yet, and in the meantime, more and more events in this area are being held. Some of them are not documented and disappear along with artworks that are difficult to preserve and reproduce.
Digital technologies make it possible to write a “flexible” history, continuously supplementing it with new facts and saturating it with details. The reader of digital history has the opportunity to look at the material from different perspectives, using visualization tools, as well as digital analysis, and to focus on various details.​
The Database “MIR” project is aimed at preserving, popularizing, and researching experiments at the intersection of art, science, and technology. The database is being created for art researchers, curators, artists, students, and everyone interested in the history of technological art and artscience.
What is the Open Database MIR?
It is a collection of data and an accessible information resource dedicated to the history of technological art, digital art, science art, and other interdisciplinary experiments in Russia that combine art, technology, and science.
Why such a Database is needed?
The database aims to make visible the process of development of hybrid art forms in Russia, regardless of whether we consider its elements significant today or not. The goal of the database is to promote continuity and understanding of the accumulated experience.
What result do we strive for?
To simplify access to the information on interdisciplinary art for novice artists, curators, and researchers who are not familiar with the professional environment of technological art and science art in Russia - we are creating a timeline, maps, and a convenient search system (when you don't know precisely what to look for).

To provide new opportunities for professional researchers, namely: statistical data analysis, network analysis, export of data sets.
At what stage is the project now?
The project was launched on September 1, 2020. In the first 10 months of work we:
  • developed the structure of the database and tested it on the material of different historical periods. Now we are working to improve it;
  • opened access to some information for a wide audience. The beta version of the resource is visualized as a timeline rigged with a search system;
  • discussed how to work with databases, digital archives, and media art collections with colleagues and experts at a round table;
  • organized an international online conference "Exploring the Unconventional" on theoretical and practical approaches to the analysis of interdisciplinary art;
  • conducted a series of interviews and streams with curators and artists about their projects and the evolution of technological art and science art in Russia that they witnessed. This allowed us to collect data and add about 300 events to the database.
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